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Through the specialized recruitment of specialists and managers of all hierarchical levels and different forms of employment, we support our clients in tackling current challenges in the course of digitalization: artificial intelligence in the application process, networks instead of hierarchies, freedom as a new currency in the struggle for talent - the personnel work As a result, recruiting the right experts as performers and executives for the HR sector is becoming increasingly important for every company.


Signing of the contracts
Are you looking for support in your projects? We will suggest how to draw up an employment contract with an employee.
Staff list
Are you looking for support in the form of constant work in a personnel environment? One of the important points is the staffing in your company.
Dismissal of employees
You also need to be able to fire! We will advise you on how to do this correctly from a legal and ethical point of view.

Process administration in electronic and scalable form

From billing to integration with SAP, fully electronic and scalable process administration through our back office ensures transparency and reduces costs. With us as a partner, companies get access to all the necessary professional skills in the field of personnel management - quickly, safely and according to their needs.

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