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  • Great ways to organise children’s rooms and how to get them to help

    By gritting with teeth at the sight of the messy room of your children, the only thing, which you may earn is an appointment with the dentist. Isn’t it better to find other, more practical solutions in which your child’s room will be clean and tidy all the time? That is not only a far-fetched dream but a reality if you are creative enough. With children, it’s easy- just make it comfortable and lay all the cards on the table. In that way, the child will be able to find everything straight away, without ruining the order of the room.
    Children are creative, so you should be too when it comes to his/ her room. First thing, which you need to take into account is to involve the child in the cleaning of the room. It is his/ her own place of the house or flat, so they are the bosses there. Moreover, by collaborating with the children, you will know their preferences and needs. Don’t exclude the children from the sanitation of their rooms and this will create habits in them.
    First of all is to keep the possessions of the child to the minimum. Don’t try to buy the happiness of the child by mountains of toys- it’s not good for your budget, home and even for the child- you risk to spoil him/ her.
    The secret of the clean and neat children’s room is to be simple and convenient. There are many ways, in which you can ensure this and this article will reflect on some of the smartest and creative methods.

    The biggest mess is caused namely by the toys.

    Children love their toys and this can be your trump card. Use it to make the child keep them in their place. Create a “play spot” in the room, where you can organise all the toys. Put them in plastic boxes and sort them into groups. In that way, your child will have a good look at what is in them and will not fumble fiercely like a hen in an attempt to dig out one particular item. For the stuffed toys, you may use an organiser, arranging them in accordance with the likability scale. Put the rarely used ones on top, so that your child will not need to go through them every time when in search of his favourite one.

    Include the kids in the de-cluttering of the wardrobe.

    You may have bought them a T-shirt, which they just don’t like and have no intention to wear. So, instead of being annoyed or angry at the unliked present, just get rid of it. The secret of a clean wardrobe is to remove all the clothes, which don’t fit them and you will be surprised to see how much space this will provide. Put the clothing, which is inappropriate for the season on a higher level and for the rest use hangers. The child will spot straight away his/ her daily outfit and grab it. Show your child how to use the hangers and you will have no more problems with the ball of entangled clothes. Moreover, you will save the problem with the morning “dressing up fiesta”.

    Education and books.

    Every parent keeps a sharp eye on the education of their children. That’s why we stuff them with piles of books, which usually stay on the shelf, accumulating dust. Provide an easy access to the books, put them just under the nose of your child and you will light the sparkle of curiosity. You can arrange the books and magazines like an open fan so that the child will be attracted by the rich colours on the cover.

    The end of the scattered crayons, pencils and pens is coming with the mason jars.

    Arrange all the writing instruments of your child into sections. Then your small artist will easily find the required colour for the coming masterpiece, without the need to scatter everything.
    Partnering with your child in the organisation of the room will ensure that the scheme will make sense to him/ her. That’s why invite your child to join and start with the process together. That is the first step in teaching your child to be a responsible person. This simple activity will balance your blood pressure and keep your home neat.
    Sophia Evans is an entrepreneur and an aspiring writer. She is a wife to the best man in the world and mother of 2 beautiful girls. She knows that it’s hard to achieve a clean and neat home, but with little help from the family – everything is possible.

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