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    Like many people, I get a buzz from setting myself a task, seeing it through and enjoying the results. You could say I am a ‘Goal Achiever’ it’s a bit of a buzz and the more challenging the goal, the bigger the reward.

    I have set some big goals for myself including running a marathon and writing a book and in both cases I had an end date before I started and buckets of determination. I had a strategy in mind, which I followed to the letter.

    However not all goals are an easy ‘Slam Dunk’, in fact longer term, transformation goals are much harder to achieve because they are not a quick win. I wrote my book in 6 weeks and trained for the marathon in 4 months, these short term commitments are easier in my mind, than the less obvious but bigger challenges I have faced for the last 20 years, namely being truly healthy and managing my finances correctly.

    In both these areas, I get by. I am not glaringly overweight or unhealthy, neither am I up to my neck in debt. However in both these areas I know I could be doing so much better.

    Because I have not reached ‘rock bottom’ which is a great motivator for change, I am in that space of mediocre dissatisfaction.

    In short, I am settling.

    In order to change a situation that is not dire, you need more support and more strategies, than would normally be required. Recently I found a journal, which gave me just the extra support I needed to follow through and stay committed.

    The Go Far Planner; Goal Setting Guide and Weekly Planner is the complete package for writing your goals, finding your motivation and consistently following through.

    I began by looking at ‘My Life Balance’ as a Work/Life Balance coach this is an area I’m very focused on and I was pleased that I was able to give myself over 50% in all areas of my life. However as expected my Finances and Health were the 2 areas which needed work.

    My next task was to map out ‘My Nowadays’, writing a list of all the things I was dealing with at the time. Of the 14 items on my list I then had to identify those that were progressing nicely and those that were ending soon. Of those that were left I identified 3 goals that I wanted to work on.

    My 3 Goals were;

    • Having a Daily Yoga Practice
    • Decluttering My Life and
    • My Money Savvy Goal

    The Goal Setting Guide used all the tools I use as a coach to guarantee success, such as looking at the benefits I would experience when I have reached my goal. Listing different options to help me achieve my goal along with pros and cons of each. Also being aware of what could derail my efforts.

    Armed with 3 juicy and inspiring goals I then used the Weekly Planner to write out my intentions for the week and list the tasks I needed to complete in the week ahead. Each week I am able to reflect on my progress with the weekly Check In pages.

    What I have loved about the journey so far with this journal is the pleasure I have taken in the process. The binder of my Go Far Planner set is a deep aqua soft leather; it is a thing of beauty and a worthy receptacle for my life dreams. Each morning I spend a few minutes reading my goals and looking at my plans for the day and this practice in itself has allowed me to maintain focus and commitment over the last few weeks.

    I am sure you are curious to know how it is all going!

    My yoga practice is going from strength to strength (pun intended!) although I have missed a few days, the journal has given me the opportunity to review why that happened and to get myself back on track.

    I have decluttered 50% of my clothes and have sold toys, bikes and other unused household items that were just taking up space. It is quite addictive and I love logging my progress when I review each week.

    In my money savvy goal, I have enrolled on a year long course about changing your money story (which I love), I have been checking my figures several times a week – instead of my old ‘head in the sand’ approach and of course I’ve been making money with all the things I’ve sold.

    These are not the glamorous big event goals that I normally go for, however I am finally changing some very old habits with the help of my new Go Far Planner and in the long run these will have the biggest impact on my life.

    If you would like to check out the planners please visit, you can also get a 10% discount by using this code at the checkout greatmindsfriends01



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