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About Me

Meet Emily Thorpe…

Emily is a professional, qualified, award-winning coach, speaker and author, on a mission to help busy mums achieve work-life balance, experience guilt-free parenting and enjoy a happy business and working life.

Author of The Working Mum’s Five Step Solution To Having It All, following a successful 23 year high-pressure career as an Air Traffic controller whilst raising her two boys, Jakey and Fin, Emily is an expert on supporting working and business Mums.

Emily is the UK’s leading voice on guilt-free parenting, often appears on the radio, and has launched a national UK Guilt-Free Parenting campaign to help busy parents and organisations kick guilt, and it’s negative impact on family life and the economy, to the kerb for good.

My Story…I’m a Mum of 2 boys who keep me on my toes.

I was an Air Traffic Controller for 23 years before I decided to follow my heart and become a life coach for Mums.

I met my husband in 1993 and we got married in 2000. My marriage and my family means everything to me.

Happiness is kind of my thing!

Things I love… my family, painting, colours, walking in nature, musicals, clouds, Betsey (my orange taxi) skiing, being with friends, Pukka tea, funky jewellery, being a coach, jigsaws, adventure, trying new things, singing, hippy vibes, buying books on Amazon, green juice, Prosecco, hugs, swimming in the sea, smiles and LOVE.

‘A little bit more…’

Having studied Art, Maths and Physics for A level, I went down the ‘arty’ route and became a Graphic Designer. I worked on The Clothes Show magazine and The Good Food magazine for a while before realizing that the more analytical side of me was not satisfied.

I applied to a hotch potch of companies including John Lewis, HSBC bank, British Airways and NATS (National Air Traffic Services) looking for a change in career. NATS was the only company to say ‘Yes’ so that’s where I went.

Before I began my ATC training I went on an expedition in Zimbabwe with Raleigh International. We spent nearly 3 months doing conservation work, building schools and having adventures like white water rafting and canoeing across Lake Kariba. I discovered I had an adventurous streak too!

ATC was a well paid, stimulating career, which enabled me to go on fantastic holidays with Andy. We cycled through Vietnam, travelled around Laos and Cambodia, back packed around India, visited Easter Island, hiked in Chile, and stayed in the jungle in Borneo. We even crewed for ‘Max Holland the 2nd’ on his hot air balloon in Albuquerque.

We became avid paraglider pilots and spent every weekend possible on the side of a hill in Wales, waiting for the wind to be just right so we could take to the skies.

In 2004 Fin arrived and my whole life changed.

I had to reassess where I was and where I wanted to be; it was like a mini ‘mid life crisis’.

I trained to be a life coach and practiced on friends and family to learn my craft.

In 2007 Jakey arrived and although I’d got a handle on my guilt and stress, by the time he was 2, I had experienced the joy (heavy sarcasm) of sibling rivalry!

I became a shouty mum.

More work to be done on myself, but each layer I peeled back helped me to understand why I felt the way I did and why I reacted the way I did.

In 2012 I wrote my book, ’The Working Mums 5 Step Solution to Having it All’

That same year I also trained for and ran a marathon and launched Happy Working Mum. I now knew how to balance my life, so that I got to do the things I wanted to, not just the every day stuff that we have to do!

I had found my passion and my mojo and nothing was going to stop me. Since then I have been building my coaching business, creating programmes and giving talks to women in the work place, including IBM, American Express and Macquarie.

My mission statement is simple: To give Mums the tools and support so that can ditch the guilt, stress and overwhelm and really enjoy motherhood and can be the mum they dreamed of being.

If any of my story resonates with your situation, drop me a line at

I am here for you,

Emily x