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Go Far With Your Goals

  Like many people, I get a buzz from setting myself a task, seeing it through and enjoying the results. You could say I am a ‘Goal Achiever’ it’s a bit of a buzz and the more challenging the goal, the bigger the reward. I have set some big goals for myself including running a […]

organise your childrens bedroom

Great ways to organise children’s rooms and how to get them to help

By gritting with teeth at the sight of the messy room of your children, the only thing, which you may earn is an appointment with the dentist. Isn’t it better to find other, more practical solutions in which your child’s room will be clean and tidy all the time? That is not only a far-fetched […]

self doubt

Dealing with Self Doubt

If you are a mum in business you will have probably come across self-doubt at some time or other. It creeps up on us and before we know it, we are questioning the sanity in our life and career choices. Starting out on your own, is not a path for the faint-hearted, usually, we are […]

Self care

Self Care Solution – ‘If I were you’

This is an article I recently wrote for the Mpower Community and I wanted to share this with you: “If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person.”  This example of the ‘oxygen mask’ is often bandied around when encouraging women […]

back to school

Back to school hacks

Getting the kids back into the ‘school mindset’ at the beginning of September can be quite challenging after the long Summer holidays. It can also be quite tricky for us as parents, to get back into the routine of school, including drop off, homework and uniforms. Here is an article, which I was invited to […]

art of listening

The Forgotten Art of Listening

Whilst watching ‘Dances with Wolves’ over Christmas I was transfixed by the scenes of the Sioux Indian conflabs in their teepees. In the film, they were having a meeting to discuss how to proceed with the solitary American soldier who had recently arrived at a nearby Fort.  What interested me was the way that they […]

hidden secret

Visibility – how to avoid being the world’s best-kept secret

Article written for the Mpower community One of the most challenging parts of running your own business can be getting more clients or customers. It can also be one of the most frustrating and here’s why… You have the most incredible product or service, and you know it has the potential to impact peoples lives […]

Get Off The Stress and Overwhelm Rollercoaster!

Have you ever had one of those days? You know the ones you would rather forget. Those days when you’ve got so much to do there’s a feeling of panic and tightness in your chest. Those days when it seems everything is conspiring against you and you’re looking for a hidden camera because you feel […]

Dealing with Bad Stress?

As a woman who has transitioned from a career as an Air Traffic Controller to running my own business, I have experienced my fair share of stress along the way. Luckily for me the majority of the stress in both cases has been eustress. Eustress is the type of ‘positive’ stress that keeps us vital […]

4 Brilliant Benefits Of Being A Working Mum

Delighted to have guest blogger Elizabeth Harmon share her thoughts on the benefits of being a working mum. Working mothers around the world rejoice! According to researchconducted by Kathleen McGinn, Cahners-Rabb Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, you’re more likely to raise successful daughters and empathetic sons.  For many of us, being a working mother can […]